Prime Home Health Services Partners with MonitorMe™

Brooklyn, NY –Prime Home Health Services, a Certified Home Health Agency (CHHA) with a record of innovation, excellence, and dedication to providing the highest level of care, has partnered with MonitorMe to provide patients with a groundbreaking telehealth solution that is revolutionizing care at home. Prime has successfully utilized the MonitorMe system in caring for dozens of COVID-19 patients upon their discharge from the hospital.  In coordination with Prime’s team of dedicated nurses, therapists, homes health aides, and case managers, the MonitorMe program has proven to be highly effective in the treatment of COVID-19 patients while reducing the risk of exposure to home health providers and improving the quality of care and service.

Natalya Khimchenko, Prime’s Administrator and Director of Patient Services explained: “Partnering with MonitorMe has enabled Prime to remotely hold each patient by hand during their COVID-19 recovery.  Our patients and their caregivers have raved about how the coordinated care has eased their anxiety and decreased their level of stress.  We have heard from numerous patients that they had ‘the most amazing experience’ during their recovery because they not only received home visits and phone calls from Prime’s qualified clinicians and case managers, but also daily wellness calls from the MonitorMe team.“

While typical telehealth platforms offer only audio-visual communication capabilities, MonitorMes proprietary technology platform yields real-time, actionable hemodynamic information. Building on the success of treating patients with COVID-19, Prime will soon be expanding their renowned clinical programs for managing Congestive Heart Failure, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, and Sepsis at home to include collaboration with MonitorMe.

Designed specifically for patients in the home setting, MonitorMes FDA-cleared wireless patch can be easily affixed on the left chest wall of a patient, which then captures, monitors and trends heart rate, respiratory rate, 2-lead ECG and oxygen levels, which then transmits the real-time data directly to the company’s Monitoring Intervention Center (“MIC”).

The MIC, staffed by a team of Board-Certified physicians, NPs, PAs and RNs, monitors each patient’s data 24/7/365, allowing for immediate clinical decision-making and coordination with the patient’s care team at Prime. Patients can interact live with clinicians through any smart phone or tablet using the MonitorMe application. Once an evaluation and treatment plan is established, Prime and MonitorMeclinicians can seamlessly document and communicate the treatment plan and progress with each other and with the patient’s primary care physician.

“Unlike other telehealth models, this streaming of real-time ECG and hemodynamic data allows clinicians to intervene at the first sign of decompensation. Our technology allows providers to be more proactive versus reactive and, therefore, results in an avoidance of significant number of unnecessary ED visits and hospitalizations.” says Dr. Bacchi, MonitorMe™ CEO and founder.

“Prime’s partnership with MonitorMe enables our care team to deliver improved clinical outcomes and enhanced patient compliance with care protocols with real time information and data. This clearly enhances Prime’s ability to better care for our patients in their homes and avoid hospital visits or readmissions,” says Chris Doulos, Chief Financial Officer for Prime Home Health Services.

By partnering with MonitorMe, Prime Home Health offers to its patients a level of clinical oversight and outcomes that is unparalleled in the home care industry.