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Our Monitoring Intervention Center is staffed with highly trained and qualified Physicians, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, and Registered Nurses.

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“This program has changed my life. I used to wake up scared, I was afraid all the time. I feel better knowing someone is monitoring me.”


67 year old woman with advanced COPD, oxygen dependence, and social isolation concerns.


Anthony J. Bacchi, MD

Founder & CEO

Jason Kubert, MD, FACEP

Medical Director

Joel Abraham, DO

Christina Antoine, MD

Muhammad Bashir, MD

Laura Fil, DO

Katrina Knowles, MD

Providers, Nurses & Wellness Coaches

Jonathan Humphreys, PA-C

Lead Physician Assistant

Waleed Khalil, PA-C, MPAS

Jennifer Hoben, FNP-BC

Marsha Guy, NP

Jean Walsh, FNP-C

Roxanne Chase-Wiley, FNP

Sherry LaTassa, NP

Lauren Lundy, FNP

Stephanie Azevedo, PA-C

Amanda Mallahy-Burczyk, PA-C

Thomas Mckibbin-Vaughan, PA

Jessica Wayman, PA

Danielle Loftus, RN

Lead Nurse

Celine Mehar, RN

Evelyn Williams, RN

James Dearce, RN

Maria Ciaffone, RN

Stacy Monahan, RN

Jessica Santiago, RN

Lynne Stimson, RN

Frances Addiss, RN

Justin Doro

Wellness Coach

Renee Mayfield

Wellness Coach

Melissa Richardson

Wellness Coach

Jaqueline Moo

Wellness Coach

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