From a Student at a Start-up to a MonitorMe™ Systems Engineer:

How A Young Woman is Optimizing Telemedicine for Users Across the Nation

As a former professional basketball player in India and international robotics competitor, Deepika Katake has a rich background in discipline and teamwork. Those attributes, in addition to her academic accolades, led to her being hand-picked for the Telistat team as a Marist College student intern.

Deepika’s attention to detail in all phases of the software development life cycle were integral for the young start-up company that Telistat was. Through user-acceptance testing she ensured that the Telistat application could be easily and efficiently used by anyone. Deepika also tested and monitored data feeds from various healthcare devices and applications. These mechanisms were more than just effectively maintained by her; they became the foundation of Telistat’s user experience and product development.

Two years later and with a Master of Science in Information Systems and an Advanced Certificate in Business Analytics, Deepika officially became part of the Telistat family as a Systems Engineer. Around this time MonitorMe became the moniker that Telistat adopted to better identify their services to an expanding customer base, which now included patients in the home setting. It was during this phase of developing a home-based program that Deepika’s efforts in enhancing user experience were vital to MonitorMe’s success.

Today Deepika is responsible for the designing, testing and monitoring of application and system performance, in addition to running beta and pilot programs for early-stage products. She manages the products by defining requirements, researching solutions, designing systems support testing, and overseeing live implementation.

Deepika’s work and support in product management became especially important to MonitorMe during the COVID-19 pandemic. When the world withdrew into the isolation of their own homes the demand for telemedicine and remote patient monitoring rapidly grew. It was because of Deepika’s research, testing, design, and development of total system solutions that MonitorMe was prepared to accommodate such a varying user audience.

About MonitorMe™

MonitorMe is an all-in-one health and wellness concierge monitoring program. With the simple touch of a button, patients can instantly communicate with a nurse or physician 24/7/365 through the MonitorMe tablet, powered by proprietary software. Unlike traditional telemedicine services that just use mobile devices, MonitorMe provides patients with FDA-cleared patches and other FDA-approved technology that streams their health information in real-time to a Monitoring Intervention Center (MIC), where MonitorMe clinicians can immediately evaluate patients’ conditions and intervene if necessary.