Our History

Decades of Foundational History Have Led to MonitorMe™.

MonitorMe™ is the result of an extraordinary journey by Anthony J. Bacchi, M.D., founder of proven healthcare organizations such as MagnaCare and TeliStat™, advanced by leaders in tech and tested by years of research. This foundational experience and learning has led to MonitorMe™, which has already earned the trust of thousands of patients and doctors.

“Thanks [MonitorMe™]! This program is great and so helpful to the care of our participants! Much appreciated!”

S. L.

physician of partnered healthcare organization from Syracuse, NY

A letter from Our Founder.

The development of this type of concierge medicine is personal to me. I am a physician but even I struggled with the challenge of managing my 96-year-old mother’s care from a distance. My mother was an independent woman, who after my father passed away, had increasing issues with her health. Like many seniors, she wanted to age at home and insisted upon avoiding a nursing home or an assisted living facility. She suffered with Congestive Heart Failure, amongst other ailments, worsening at the later stages of her life. Although I lived an hour and a half away, I often rushed to her aid at all hours when she wasn’t feeling well, because I didn’t have the clinical information needed to assess her immediate medical condition. If I had vital signs and other real-time clinical information, I could have managed her care more effectively.

The experience of feeling helpless whenever my mother called, led me to develop the MonitorMe™ concierge program. It became my personal mission and dream to have this type of care, which allows you to have a team of doctors and nurses at your fingertips, day or night, with all your real-time vital sign information. This team of clinicians specializes in treating seniors at home, whether they have a minor concern or something more serious. This technology and program would have given me and my mother peace of mind, knowing that she was being monitored by a clinical team, around the clock.

Almost everyone has an elderly friend or loved one who wants to age at home but requires additional care. That’s why I created the MonitorMe™ concierge program, where a doctor is at your fingertips to help you navigate the complex care that often leaves families feeling unsupported and concerned. I owe much to my mother, as she was the inspiration for this concept and continues to drive my mission to provide seniors the ability to age at home with peace of mind and confidence.



Anthony J. Bacchi, M.D.

Dr. Bacchi's Experience


Medical Director New York Trades Council / Association of New York City Health Centers, Inc.


President / CEO / Founder MagnaCare, LLC. Medical Surgical PPO 1.4 Million Members


President / CEO / Co-Founder MagNet NJ PPO Network with 90 Hospitals in contract


President / CEO / Co-Founder MagnaHealth of New York, Inc HMO Provider


Entrepreneur of the Year Ernst & Young


President / CEO / Co-Founder MagnaPreferred NY Hospital PPO with 90% of NY in contract


Managing Partner / Co-Founder MagnaEnterprises, LLC an investment company


Principal VestraCare, LLC


Founder / President / CEO ImagineMIC


Founder / CEO VetVitalsPro


Founder / President / CEO MonitorMe™